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Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is a stable dispersion of bitumen in water with the help of suitable emulsifying agent. In this type of dispersion there is no requirement of meeting the bitumen during construction of roads, as dispersion is a viscous liquid which can easily with aggregator at temperature to construct road.

Rapid Setting (RS)

It is specially designed product for ensuring a uniform and strong tack coat for bituminous road construction purpose.

Rapid Setting -1 (RS1)

Specially recommended for tack coat application.

Rapid Setting -2 (RS2)

specially recommended for surface dressing work.


  • Easy and uniform spray.
  • Low temperature curing.
  • Water resistant and enhances easy drainage of water.
  • Enhances structural strength of layers.
  • Prevents lateral movements of structural layer.
  • Provides water impervious layer to prevent water ingress from water table below thw road layers.

Medium Setting (MS)

It is an emulsion in which rate of deposition of bind is sufficiently delayed to permit mixing with certain fine aggregates before breaking to form a continuous adhesive film without stripping.


  • No heating required.
  • Stable patches.
  • Low temperature cure.
  • Resistance to peel of under traffic.
  • Resistance to stripping by water.

Slow Setting 1 (SS1)

At prime coating a granular base is sprayed over with a binder to prepare for an asphalt surfacing. Earlier cutbacks are normally used, but In recent year emulsion have become more common, slow setting emulsions with a bitumen content of 50%- 60% are used.

Slow Setting 2 (SS2)

In used for plant or road , mixes with graded and fine aggregates i.e. cold mixed MSS and slurry seal.


  • Superior penetration into miniature pores of sub bases.
  • Easy spray.
  • Highly adhesive properties.
  • Prevents raveling and rutting.
  • Binds loose aggregates together strongly.


CSS-1 is a high performance slow setting asphalt emulsion that meets and exceeds the ASTM D- 2397 specifications for asphalt emulsions. With high stability together with slow setting , CSS-1 designed to meet the highest requirements for modern high – performance pavements. Consistent with its high performance, CSS-1 is produced to high standards with stringent quality control.

CSS-1 asphalt emulsion is primarily suited for priming application for road base. Other typical applications where a slow setting is suitable are : tack – coat when dust is a problem, retread process and fog- seal.


CSS-1h emulsion is highly recommended for priming of a low to medium porosity base course (WMM /WBM), designed penetrate, plug the capillary voids in the structure of base course, seal surface pores of make surface of the base course water resistant, harden and toughen the base course surface. Its recommended rate of application is 6 to 12 per 10 Sqm depending on the porosity of the surface.


Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)

M.B.D/ CRMB is special type of bitumen whose properties have been improved by the addition of crumb rubber & special types of additives like hydrocarbon materials, resins etc. Thus altering the physical properties of bitumen makes it more resistant to temperature variations, weather & high traffic loads, leading to enhanced pavement life, reduced maintenance and excellent driving comfort.


  • Lower susceptibility to daily & seasonal temperature variation.
  • Higher resistance to deformation at elevated pavement temperature
  • Better edge resistance properties.
  • Better adhesion between aggregate & binder ensure longer life, strength & stability.
  • Higher fatigue life of mixes due to high elastic recovery.
  • Delay of cracking & reflective cracking.
  • Overall improved performance in extreme climate conditions & under heavy traffic condition.
  • Better water resistance.
  • Prevents rutting.
  • Resistance to creep & higher indirect tensile strengthen surface course.

Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

Polymer Modified Bitumen can be used in asphalt mix designs which result in the manufacture of cohesive asphalt mix with good elasticity suitable for type of traffic. Special attention to be given to the temperatures while manufacturing. Lying and compaction are performed.


  • M.B.D. PMB ensures
  • Durable surface characteristics.
  • Excellent anti- stripping properties.
  • High cohesiveness.
  • High stiffness modulus leading to greater resistance to permanent deformation.
  • Improved bonding between bituminous layers.
  • Improved fatigue resistance than increased resistance to reflective cracks.

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